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Detroit is considered as one of the most professionally managed and 5-Star rated Dealership by TATA MOTORS.

It is guided by the high standards set by its founder and Managing Director Mr. Subba Raju. These standards ensure that the goals of achieving excellence in every area of its operations are realized by Detroit.

Every member of Detroit’s team of over 200 people, works with co-ordination as a single unit to consistently achieve record performances in all the fields like Sales, Service and Spares.

If you are poor… WORK,

If you are rich… CONTINUE WORKING,

If you are burdened with seemingly unfair responsibilities… WORK,

Idleness gives room for doubt and fear when faith falters… WORK,

When disappointments come… WORK, If your health threatened… WORK,

When dreams are shattered and hopes seems dead… WORK,

Work as if your life were in peril, it really is No matter what ails you...WORK,

Work faithfully, work with faith, If you are happy keep right on working….

Work is the greatest remedy available for mental and physical afflictions.


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