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please contact :  040-66 291 240 ;    92 480 884 66
For Insurance details please contact :  040-66 291 240 ;    924 8088 466
Tata Motors recommends the purchase of Extended Warranty, a product of Tata Motors Insurance and United India Insurance.
Coverage : Mechanical + Electrical + Emission
Benefits : Insures you against unforeseen break down repair bills, Documentation is simple and hassle free, Near cashless & speedy claim settlement
What is covered : Mechanical / Emission / Electrical break down as defined in this warranty and confirmed by the dealer within the stipulated terms and conditions:
Engine : Cylinder head and head gasket, oil pump and drive, crankshaft and related bearing and seals, flywheel and ring gear, timing gears, belts and chains, camshaft and related bearing and seals, cam follower, valves (excluding burnt and pitted valves) valve gear, pistons, connecting rod, gudgeon pin, inlet and exhaust manifolds, internal oil seals, bore / liner, turbocharger, inter cooler units where factory fitted.
Clutch: Clutch pressure plate, clutch disc, release bearing, master and slave cylinder, clutch cable (failure due to worn or burnt out clutches are not covered).
Transmission and Transfer Case: Internal gears, shafts, synchromesh rings and hub, bushes, selector forks, drive chains, gear lever and bushes (failure due to worn or burn out clutches and bands are not covered).
Transfer Case: All internal parts.
Cooling System: Radiator, water pump, thermostat, engine oil cooler (failure due to external damage or corrosion is not covered).
Steering System: Rack and pinion, steering box, column, shaft bearings, couplings, power steering pump, pressure pipes, reservoir.
Propeller Shaft: Shaft, universal joints, centre bearings.
Final drive & front wheel drive: Crown wheel and pinion, differential gears, hub and hub bearing, drive shaft & couplings, constant velocity joints & drive flange
Fuel System: Fuel injection pump, injectors, chock unit, ECU, Cold start valve, pressure damper, auxiliary valve, overrun cut off valve, deceleration valve, tank sender unit, glow plug, fast idle control device.
Brake System: Servo, master cylinder, wheel cylinder, diesel vacuum pump, calipers, discs (excluding brake pads / liners), drums, handbrake lever and ratchet.
Air conditioning: Compressor. condenser, evaporator, clutch magnet ( Exclusions: hoses and pipes, drive belts and routine recharging of refrigerant).
Suspension: Shock absorbers (excluding fluid leakage), bush / mechanical falures, control arms, upper and lower wishbones, springs. Any claim for shock absorbers is limited to 35000 kms of vehicle use beyond which it deemed to be normal wear and tear.
Electrical System: Starter motor and solenoid, alternator, distributor, coil, wiper and washer motor, window motors, fan motors, switches and instruments. (Exclusions: Batteries, light bulbs / units, wiper blades / rubbers, distributor caps and leads.
Casings: Should failure of any of the components covered result in damage to the casings, then they will also be covered and will constitute part of the maximum claim liability.
Exhaust System: EGR valve, EGR Actuation system.
Intake System: Air intake throttle, air temperature sensor, air mass flow meter, Oil separator and PVC valve.
Evaporative Emission Control: Canister purge valve, fuel tank cap and relief valve.
Engine Management System: Crank angle sensor, Vehicle speed sensor, Water temperature sensor, Some parts pertaining to emission warranty are incorporated in the mechanical breakdown cover.
Parts Covered :
Exhaust system : Secondary air pump, EGR valve, EGR auction system.
Intake System : Assembly throttle body (which includes map sensor, throttle position sensor and idle speed control valve), air mass flow meter, air temperature sensor, cam angle sensor.
Evaporative Emission Control : Canister purge valve, fuel tank cap and relief valve.
Fuel System : Fuel rail, Fuel pressure regulator, injectors.
Ignition System : Distributor, Ignition coil. Evaporative Emission Control, Canister purge valve, fuel tank cap and relief valve.
Engine Management System : Water temperature sensor, crank angle sensor, vehicle speed sensor, distributor, ignition coil.
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